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Gifts by Jessie Lynn

Lotion Bar - Vanilla Lavender 35g

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Our lotion bars feel silky & luxurious & absorb quickly into your skin.

We use rich organic oils and butters to drench your skin in vital vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids while nourishing, protecting & improving elasticity of your skin

Lotion bars are used for deeply moisturizing, healing & protecting the face & body. These do wonders for cracked heels, dry elbows, knees or any body part that needs extra care.

This lotion bar has a net weight of 35 g

Why a lotion bar? A lotion bar serves the same purpose as a bottle of lotion to moisturize & hydrate your skin but contains no water. A lotion recipe with water requires a preservative. 

Without the addition of water you get a very concentrated plant oil and vegan butter lotion that delivers the ingredients without diluting them. These bars are especially suited for very dry & damaged skin. Apply after a bath or shower to damp skin.

All organic ingredients:

Pure essential oils blended with raw shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax,