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Gifts by Jessie Lynn

Wax Sachet-Bliss

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Botanical Wax Sachet

This aroma sachet is made of beeswax/soy wax with blended of essential oils/fragrance oil, dried flowers, herbs and fruits. They are entirely natural way to fill your home with fragrance. It makes a better impact on your environment. Aroma wax sachet will freshen the air without the use of any chemicals. You can simply place the wax sachet in a bowl, on the shelf, hanging on the wall in the bathroom, closet, or a small room with fill of aroma. It could be the perfect alternative to candles, for those with little kids and pets.

It can be used as a holiday ornament, and amazing gift and decoration. 
Each sachet is hand-poured at a time, it might be slightly different compositions, the picture is shown for reference only. Beautifully relaxing on pajamas for a soothing scent to calm before sleeping.

** This set include 1 scented wax sachet

White beeswax, Soy wax, Dried flower, herbs, Essential oil or fragrance oil.

Please do not place directly under the sun, in the car or any heated place. Use hanging in a closet, or place in drawer to add a beautiful fragrance to your garments and delicates.  Please be aware this is wax based, to be used in a drawer be cautious and place the wax sachet inside a tissue.