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Gifts by Jessie Lynn

Microwave Bowl holder- black polka dots

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Microwavable Bowl Cozy ,Soup Bowl Cozy, pot holder, fabric bowl cozy, Reversible Bowl Cozy, ice cream cozy. Perfect for protecting your hands and fingers from hot and cold temperatures.

Shown with bowl. Bowl Sold Separately. BOWL NOT INCLUDED, FABRIC BOWL COZY ONLY.

HOLD HOT BOWLS OR MUGS SAFELY AND COMFORTABLY. Take your soup or leftovers out of the microwave instantly and eat your food while still hot instead of waiting until able to touch and carry the dish
DOUBLES AS A COASTER TO PROTECT FURNITURE SURFACES. Place your hot dish on even the most fragile wooden table tops with confidence knowing you won't leave a ring or damage your paint, stain or finish.
GREAT GADGET FOR ALL AGES. Perfect for kids with small, delicate fingers, college students in a rush to heat their ramen or easy mac between classes, seniors who want something easier to hold and more
WORKS ON COLD CONTAINERS TOO. We like to eat ice cream and frozen yogurt straight from the pint too. Protect your hands from freezing and your dessert from melting by using a bowl holder.

These are great for heating up food in a bowl and not burning your fingers or spilling the contents when taking it out of the microwave!
Handmade cotton microwavable bowl cozy made out of - cotton fabric