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Gift Baskets by Jessie Lynn

Bowl Cozy - Picnic

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Microwave Bowl Cozy

100% Cotton Reversible Quilted Microwave Bowl Cozy/potholder!
Perfect to hold a bowl in your hand while snacking in front of the television. Great for heating up food in bowls and not burning your hands or simply using them to enjoy a cold bowl of ice cream! 

SAFETY: Place your bowl of food in the cozy and place them in the microwave. Please Microwave in 2 minutes intervals for no longer than 3 minutes. Please do not leave your microwave unattended while using these bowl cozies.
(Perfect for handling hot dishes, or even cold such as ice cream!)

o Machine/hand wash with cold water.
o To help retain its shape you can iron it or just turn a bowl upside down and lay the cozy over it.

Bowl not included.